Daniel Brunet - Of Windy Skies Overlooking the River

French-Canadian artist, Daniel Brunet paints riveting skies and wind swept waterways that capture iconic Quebecois landscapes. 

Brunet invites his viewers to step into a scene of teal wind swept skies hovering over snowy or grassy lands met by the waters of the St. Lawrence. He paints what he sees and recalls from places of his childhood in similar locations on a Western island outside of Montreal. Vibrant colours are placed amongst a darkened sky, as rain clouds have blocked out the sun. The movement of water and leaves show a storm approaching, and the artist is at the ready to mark down the details of this oncoming event. He guides the brush into areas of calmness, making note of the rolling hills and mountains in juxtaposition to the imminent climatic change.

Brunet’s oil paint is generously applied as he conveys a scene in constant flux where the houses are like hidden gems half covered by the greenery of vegetation and slopes. We can’t help but look at the sky as it is moving across the scene, and at the bright, yellow-green trees being ruffled by the wind as it threads through the branches.

Daniel Brunet was born in 1952 at Sainte-Anne de Bellevue in the province of Quebec. This area is where Brunet’s source of inspiration for river bank scenes originated from, as Sainte-Anne de Bellevue is at the Western most part of Île de Montréal.

In his early years, Daniel’s parents encouraged his artistic creativity through music and drawing. Although, it wasn't long before his love for drawing out-weighed his interests in music. His first sketches were drawn over sheet music, and were the preliminary ideas drafted for his first oil paintings.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Daniel depicts scenes of the Charlevoix region in Quebec as an en plein air artist. In finding these hidden gems throughout the region that boasts its beauty through the land and its people, Brunet gives his viewers a snapshot of these sublime moments inherent in nature itself.