Juan Cristobal - The Beauty in Wilderness

Juan Cristobal enchants and captivates his viewers through his masterful paintings of Québec and Charlevoix scenery.

His paintings give the viewer a snapshot of the scene he his capturing with brush and paint in hand. He creates scenes that are indicative of his skill in composition and colour.

For Cristobal, balance in composition is key in creating a compelling painting. He more than understands visual elements that constitute a great painting, and has it down to a science. His mastery in colour, contrast, and perspective mesmerizes viewers into scenes that are both familiar and enchanting in nature. These dreamy pictures remind us of the beauty that is inherent in nature and the world around us. It is this moment of discovery that we connect ourselves to the beautiful landscape as if coming across it for the first time. Our eyes are soaking up the gliding brooks, colourful trees, atmospheric skies, and lush, dewy grass. We are inspired by this meeting of sorts and uplifted by it simultaneously.

Juan Cristobal was born in Chile in 1960, and moved with his family to Québec City at 17 years old. After finishing high school at the Petit Séminaire de Québec, he went on to study at The University of Ottawa where he received his Bachelors in Marketing and Communication. As an artist he has dedicated his life to art by continually painting landscapes and contemporary portraits, and also attending regular life drawing classes. As he developed his skill and technique for painting, he has created more than 2300 portraits and 3000 oil and acrylic paintings in over 30 years.