Pauline Holancin - Discovering Mazinaw Lake


North of Kaladar, Ontario within the region of the Addington Highlands lies a scene of tremendous grandeur and mystery.

For those who have visited Mazinaw Lake, you may recall its impressive depths and stunning sunsets. Some have coined this lake as the deepest body of water North of Lake Ontario. In fact, the lake itself is 145 meters deep, making it the second largest lake in Ontario aside from the Great Lakes.

Canadian en plein air artists venture out to find landscapes as striking as Mazinaw Lake to tell stories of the experience for their viewers. Pauline Holancin is one of these en plein air artists who picked up a paint brush to show the lake for what it is to her viewers. Holancin believes painting is a glorious experience that creates opportunities for artists to discover more about themselves and the environment. In her painting, we can see this philosophy come to life through her enjoyment of art and nature. 

As an artist who formerly grew up in Gatineau, Québec, Pauline has cultivated a large following of art collectors that enjoy her dynamic, colourful landscape scenes of Canada’s finest natural landmarks. Pauline Holancin belongs to many art associations in Ontario and is a life-long student in the field of fine art as she often travels around to different locations for painting inspiration. She has travelled and painted across Canada, as well as other locations within Mexico, France, and the United States.

Holancin transports her viewers to the scene where bright, orange autumn leaves border the entrance to the lake. An airy pastel glow reflects the sky’s appearance onto the surface of the water. For her viewer, there is a path of light leading to the rocky cliffs at the horizon. It’s in these moments of discovery where we feel the tone of the painting. Perhaps we are avid hikers or fishing enthusiasts. Whatever our occupation or purpose, we cannot take our attention away from the beauty of the lake. Viewers can imagine the cool breeze, and the crisp smell of fall entice their sense just by looking at this painting. 

Through colour and composition, we can see Pauline’s appreciation for nature as she has fulfilled her goal as an artist and storyteller to capture the physical location and sensual characteristics of the lake. We are left in awe at the scene in all its combinations of colours and gliding brushstrokes.