Nathalie Voisine - The Transformation of Poetry and Image

Québec born artist, Nathalie Voisine, shows us what it’s like to take careful and creative consideration of the initial blank canvas to create her figurative and sensual landscape paintings.

Nathalie’s paintings have this intrinsic rhythm about them in the way the directional brushstrokes and paint layers are applied for a lively picture. Each of her paintings explores an emotion that initiates a larger context between the character and the landscape. Here the viewer may interpret a broader meaning where the spatial environment interacts with the figure. You may also notice a common theme of dark-haired, nude figures as the subject for her paintings. These nude figures represent a deeper understanding of the female form and the emotions of the scene.

Nathalie often begins her paintings by writing poetry onto the face or back of the canvas. This is her creative process, using language as the base and hidden ingredient for her paintings. It is from here that she begins to work over the poem, hiding it under layers of light blue or teal paint. Based on the theme or context of the emotional characters, Nathalie creates a playful and reciprocal dialogue between the background and the character. Without needing assistance from the title of the piece to give us a clue for the meaning of the painting, Nathalie uses the dialogues of background and character to tell us what the painting is all about. She uses emotions and personalities of the characters to give meaning to the work.

In this painting, we can see a veil draped over the figure to emphasize the emotion of timidity. There is a subtle indication where the foreground and background end, courtesy to the oval window haloing the figure as she sits shyly on the grass. For the most part, we see the background and foreground merge to become one entity, which is shown by the transparent and fluid veil of paint. Using a wide brush, Nathalie experiments with light and dark hues of blue to achieve this transparency.

There is a connection conveyed between the subject and the audience as the figure looks out straight from the canvas. She is addressing the audience, inviting them to understand the emotional nuances in the painting. It is Nathalie’s goal to open the pathways of dialogue between the viewer and the art, in which she skillfully draws the attention to how the painting is expressed.

Nathalie Voisine herself has a passion for painting people, culture and theatre. She also draws her inspiration from the connection she has to the natural environments around her. Additionally, Nathalie began her studies in art at Sainte-Hélène de Kamouraska, Québec, and has exhibited her works across the province. Find more paintings by Nathalie Voisine here.