Graham Noble Norwell

Scottish-Canadian artist, Graham Noble Norwell was born 1901 in Edinburgh, Scotland before he emigrated to Kingston, Ontario at the age of 13 with his family. Six years later, Norwell had the opportunity to study under renowned artists: Arthur Lismer, George Reid, J.W. Beatty and Robert Holmes in Toronto at the Ontario College of Art. These new meetings spurred a desire to travel, and to experience more of European cities like London and Paris. When he returned to Canada, he decided to move permanently to Ottawa.

Graham is known for working en plein air with oil and watercolour paints. He enjoyed painting winter landscapes that featured the Laurentian mountains and rural villages. During his career, he exhibited with the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts between the years 1921 - 1943; and with the Art Association of Montreal (1922 - 1943). Graham Noble Norwell was also elected to be a member of the Ontario Society of Artists in 1924. One can find his works in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario and National Gallery of Canada.