Grant B. Hillman

Grant Bourne Hillman was born June 22, 1935 in Hamilton, Ontario. Grant is a self-taught artist and has been painting since the age of thirteen. He paints familiar fall and winter scenes located within a five mile radius from his home. He has a stylistic approach to painting in which he uses a dry brush and egg- tempura technique to build up several layers of colour. He is known for his hyper-realist details, depicting nature with every blade of grass and needle on a spruce seedling.

Hillman is a member of the Society of Canadian Artists since December 1974. He has received many awards including: 1st prize at the Autumn Festival of the Arts in 1969; and 1st prize in oils at the Canada Fine Arts Talent Exhibition, Toronto 1968. 

His work is in many collections across Ontario, including: Art bank; The Canadian Council; Ottawa, Ontario; Meridian Building Group Ltd., Toronto; Dofasco Steel Co., Hamilton, ON; and Municipal Savings and Trust Co., Head Office, Toronto.