Guy Buffet

Parisian artist, Guy Buffet was born in Montparnasse on January 13, 1943. Montparnasse is a district in Paris that was an artist destination where the great master painters of the time lived and worked. Guy and his father would walk in this area discussing the architecture and the nearby artists: Modigliani, Picasso, Chagall, Braque, and Foujita. Guy's artistic career started at the age of twelve when he painted his first painting of a fishing harbour at sunset. 

Two years later, his father had passed away, and he began his training at the Beaux Arts School in Toulon, while also working in a nearby restaurant. When Guy’s mother fell ill, Guy had stayed with an elderly woman who was the mother of the Chief of Staff of the French Navy. The Admiral also happened to be a painter, which was a delight for Guy as the two shared advice with one another in painting techniques and composition. When Guy turned 18, he joined the navy and had the opportunity to travel for 7 months around the world. It was here that he started painting the world as he saw it. First he painted places like: Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Caledonia. As he grew older, he traveled to Italy, Amsterdam, China, and India. For those who know the artist personally, he is called the Wandering Artist.